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Unit testng for your runtime environment

Editing a checklist in Notepad and running it at the command line

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About ChecklistAgent

What is ChecklistAgent?

ChecklistAgent is a tool for automating the process of checking that your computer's runtime environment matches a specific predefined state (e.g. that certain files or registry keys exist, that certain programs or services are running, and so on).
  • Checklist: A text file containg a series of checks or tests to be performed.
  • Agent: A program that takes a given checklist and actualy performs the checks or tests that it contains, outputting the results of those checks.
You create checklists, simple text files that you write that specify what it is that you want checked. The ChecklistAgent software then takes these checklists and actualy performs those checks for you, then tells you the results of those checks.

How It Works

ChecklistAgent can be broken down into two parts: checklists, and the ChecklistAgent software. Checklists are text files you write that specify what it is that you want checked. ChecklistAgent then does this checkling for you, performing each of the checks that you specify in your checklist.

The following picture shows a section of a typical checklist, open for editing in Notepad.

The folowing picture shows ChecklistAgent at work, actually performing the checks specified in the above checklist.

ChecklistAgent performs each of the checks specified in your checklist, thereby automating the process of performing all kinds of otherwise time-confusing checks of your computer's runtime state.

ChecklistAgent is geared towards addressing the full spectrum of environment testing concerns. It includes the ability to not just run your checklists, but to also validate them (to make sure they are meaningful and don't contain errors) and to even generate documentation for you, saving you the need to write your own process documentation manually.

Download and Documentation

Download ChecklistAgent 0.9.1 beta:

Download the user manual for ChecklistAgent 0.9.1 beta:

ChecklistAgent requires the .NET Framework version 3.5

Licensing Information

ChecklistAgent is released under the GPL license. Please contact the authors directly for information on commercial/closed-source licensing agreements.


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